The Spirituality of the Sacred Heart

God is at the heart of our everyday lives. In all our actions we are called to do his will, to abide in him.

Thanks to the dynamism of our faith, we meet him in events, in people, and in a special way in prayer.

Rule of Life, 128.


he spirituality is the relationship with God. Our lives and our mission become meaningful thanks to this nearness: God is not far from us, He is the most intime and personal experience you can have. God talks through His Word, but He also talks through every single activity in our lives, He talks through people.

The spirituality of the Institute flows from contemplating Christ, whose open heart is a sign and a revelation of the Trinitarian love of God for all.

Rule of Life, 14.

Our relationship with God flows from the certitude that He loves us. The main path for us to be close to that love is Jesus’ Heart: a Heart that shows us the way God loves us, a Heart that reminds us that He gave His own life for us, a Heart from which real life flows, a Heart present in the hurt and fragile hearts of the children and young people.

Our spirituality is a “compassion spirituality”, because it comes from God’s mercy on us and it impels us to be merciful to others. It is also a “communion spirituality”, because Jesus’ love brings us together in fraternal community.

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