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The Institute of Brothers of the Sacred Heart is organized in thirteen Provinces and three Delegations (that depend on a Province). Some Provinces and Delegations cover more than one country. They are grouped into four regional Conferences.

Conference of Latin America and Spain


his Conference is formed by the Province of Spain, the Delegation of Peru (that depends on Spain), the Province of Colombia, the Province of Brazil and the Province of Austral America (Argentina and Uruguay).

There are 40 communities in 6 countries, where the Brothers exercise the apostolate along with the laity that share the charism.

Conference of Francophone Africa and Madagascar


t is formed by the Province of Central Africa (Cameroon and Chad), the Province of Western Africa (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Mali and Togo), the Province of Senegal (Guinea and Senegal) and the Province of Madagascar. The first presence, coming from Canada, was in Madagascar in 1928 .

This Conference has nowadays 40 communities of Brothers working in 10 countries.

Francophone Conference North-South


his Conference is formed by a range of diverse cultures that share one language. It is formed by the Province of Canada, the Province of France, the Province of Haiti, and the province of Oceania (New Caledonia, Wallis and Vanuatu). The French and Canadian Brothers are the ones responsible of most of the missionary zeal of the Institute.

46 communities in this Conference are spread in 6 countries.

English Language Conference


t is formed by the Province of Eastern and Southern Africa (Kenia, Lesotho, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe), the Delegation of the Philippines and the Province of the United States (USA and England).

This Conference has 33 communities in 8 countries.

Other presences


e are also present in Italy, running two communities, one of which is the General House, residence of the Superior General and his Council.

In Mozambique there is a new missionary work, founded thanks to the collaboration of Brothers from different countries.

We were in


e have founded communities in other countries where we are no longer present. Due to the lack of vocation, the adversity of the context, or the opportunity to pursue further challenges, we had to leave these countries:

  • In Europe: Belgium (1902 to 1970), Switzerland (1903 to 1904), the Netherlands (1954 to 1959).
  • In America: Ecuador (1968 to 1973), Chile (1945 to 2013).
  • In Africa: Alger (1869 to 1870 and 1878 to 1880), Sudan (1929 to 1936), Democratic Republic of the Congo (1962 to 1964).
  • In Asia: Syria (1930 to 1941).
  • In Oceania: Papua New Guinea (1995 to 2001), Australia (1964 to 1996).
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