Our Mission with Children and Young People

Christian education is often associated with schooling and cultural development. It fills the school with the spirit of the Gospel. We carry out our role as educators in the faith especially through the teaching of religion, which leads the young to an enlightened and close union with Christ. To accomplish this goal and to kindle in our students a desire for the interior life, it is essential that we cultivate a dynamic relationship both with them and with the Lord.

Rule of Life, 158.


or us, education is evangelization and evangelization is education. Our aim is to give an education that helps people to grow up conscious of the transcendent dimension of themselves, ie. faith.

We believe in a pedagogy of trust: each child is centre and protagonist of his own growth. Every action is ruled by the ultimate sense of our mission: to encourage children and young people encounter with God.

To carry out this mission, we must listen to Him, for Him to feed our love and to sustain us. We must listen to them as well, in order to know their experiences and proclaim God’s word, because He wants to transform their hearts.

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