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What is our origin?

Father Andre Coindre founded in September 30, 1821 in Lyon, the brotherhood of the Sacred Heart to attend the most excluded children and young people of his time.


t the beginning of 19th century, France was a country seriously damaged by the violence of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars that were being fought outside France. Because of its links with the monarchy, the Church was severely criticized and the public cult was forbidden. Since education was in the hands of private tutors and the religious congregations of the richest cities, it was restricted to the upper class.

It was in this context that Father Andre Coindre founded the community of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, whose primary aim was to help the children and young people suffering from poverty. Thanks to his successor, Venerable Brother Polycarp, the community continued expanding beyond France sending the first Brothers to America in 1846.

After the banning of religious congregations in France in 1902, the Institute expanded across many countries in Europe. From 1927 on, the missionary activity of the Brothers reached Latin America, Africa, Madagascar, Asia and Oceania.

We adapt our apostolate of education to the needs of the time and place clearsightedness, good sense, and boldness in order to give the best possible response to the Spirit’s calls.

Rule of Life, 150.

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