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Who is Andre Coindre?

Father Andre Coindre was a French priest who in 1821 received from God the inspiration to found our charism.


ndre Coindre was born in Lyon, France, in 1787. He received his initial religious instruction in a situation of clandestinity because the government had banned Catholic worship. He was ordained priest at the age of 25.

Coindre’s fame as a preacher made him to lead missions in small towns without religious assistance.

As a priest he became conscious of the poverty among children and young people living in the cities as well as in the rural areas. He then felt God’s appeal to treat them with the very love which Jesus’ Heart loves.

That’s why God gave him the gift to be the Founder of religious communities engaged with the evangelization of the children and youth through education. In 1817 he helped Claudine Thevenet found the Ladies of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and in 1821 he founded the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

He died in 1826 after having dedicated himself to developing a wonderful pastoral action.

The Institute of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart owes its origin to the apostolic zeal of Father Andre Coindre  for instructing neglected youth and bringing them to the knowledge and love of God.

Rule of Life, 11.

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