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Who are we?

The brothers of the Sacred Heart are people who have discovered Christ to be the center of our lives and this is why we have been consecrated to Him.


e decided to keep a vow of chastity because the love of God fills our heart and calls us to a universal love, like Jesus’ love. We profess a vow of poverty because everything we have is common property and because we have a disengaging attitude. Christ is our only treasure. We profess a vow of obedience in order to seek God’s will together and because we need to be available for our brothers.

We live in fraternal communities composed by people from different ages and nationalities. We dedicate our lives to evangelize children, teenagers and young people through education: “Christ joins us to his own mission: he pours out his love that must flow through us to others”. (Rule of Life,  2)

To belong to the Institute today is to believe in God’s love, to live it, and to spread it; it is to contribute as religious educators to the evangelization of the world, particularly through the education of children and youth.

(Rule of Life, 13)

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