On April 30, the sixth preparatory booklet for the Bicentennial of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart was released: “The charism we share, a personal and communal commitment for the future.”

This publication is focused on how the brothers and the laity share together the charism of Andrés Coindre and the mission of the Institute; one of the most important issues for our future. Its author is the American John Devlin, a great collaborator of the brothers in the United States. This work closes the third stage of preparation for the Bicentennial.

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Previous posts were:
STAGE 1: Look to the past with gratitude.

– “Father Andre Coindre, Founder of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart“.
– “Venerable Brother Polycarp, Third Superior General of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart“.

STAGE 2: Live the present with passion.
– “The spirituality of the Institute, Four contemplations“.
– “The pedagogy of trust, the educational approach of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart”.

STAGE 3: Embracing the future with hope.
– “Let us always live in hope, future paths for the Brother of the Sacred Heart“.


The next and last publication in the series will be on September 30, 2021, the exact date of the Bicentennial, and will be a message from Brother Mark Hilton, current Superior General.

Let’s continue living this time of grace for us with Courage and Confidence!

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