The goal of the Andre Coindre International Virtual Center (CIVAC in French) is to be the digital library of all documentation related to our founders. In its present version, clarity has been prioritized. We want documents to be found and consulted quickly and effectively.

The Center has versions in French, English, and Spanish, although the documents are far from being the same in each version. The French is the most extensive repository; and the Spanish version is the main source of information. The English dimension is a leadership program for our partners in the mission. It is called The Coindre Leadership Program and contains interesting and valuable documents.

There is still much to reflect on regarding the lives of our founders, much more to write about their deeds, to translate what others have said, and, in short, to make their messages accessible to today’s needs and customs.

We take advantage of the occasion of our bicentennial to encourage Brothers and our partners in the mission to contribute to CIVAC by sending new texts, translations, celebrations, etc. related to the persons and events that led to the founding of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

Access CIVAC on our website easily through the top menu.

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