Encyclical Letter FRATELLI TUTTI of the Holy Father Francis deals with  fraternity and social friendship.

Inspired by Saint Francis of Assisi, Pope Francis gives us Fratelli tutti, a proposal for a way of life marked by the flavour of the Gospel. It is a call to love others as brothers and sisters, even when they are far from us; it is a call to open fraternity ( FT 1), to recognizing and loving every person with a love without borders; it is a call to encounter others in a way that is capable of overcoming all distance and every temptation to engage in disputes, impositions, or submissions ( FT 3).

Fratelli tutti does not claim to offer a complete teaching on fraternal love, but seeks rather to consider its universal scope ( FT 6).

COVID-19 forced the Pope to interrupt his writing of Fratelli tutti . This pandemic has exposed our false securities, our fragmentation, and our inability to work together ( FT7).

In the face of present-day attempts to eliminate or to ignore others, Fratelli tutti is an invitation to respond to God’s call with a new vision of fraternity and social friendship ( FT 6).

The Holy Father hopes that, in these times, we can contribute to the rebirth of a universal aspiration to fraternity by acknowledging the dignity of each and every human person ( FT 8).

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