Today (September 30, 2020) we are exactly one year away from celebrating the Bicentennial of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. A series of publications have been accompanying us during the preparatory triennium, helping us to reflect on and rediscover the presence of God in our lives.

The first two publications invited us to “look to the past with gratitude.”

They were “Father Andre Coindre, Founder of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart,” followed by “Venerable Brother Polycarp, Third Superior General of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.”

The publications for the second stage were a call to “live the present with passion.” Those two titles were “The Spirituality of the Institute, Four Contemplations,” and “The Pedagogy of Trust, the Educational Approach of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.”

With the publication of this current text, we begin our third and final stage of preparation, which calls us to “embrace the future with hope.” It is a reflection on the future of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart. Its author, Brother Jean-Paul Valle from Colombia, chose as its title a phrase taken from one of Father Andre Coindre’s letters: “Let us always live in hope.”

Although the text is centered on the life of the Brothers, the author offers this clarification at the beginning of his work: “I hope that the majority of the reflections presented can also “give a little light” to any man or woman who reads them, especially to our partners in the mission. It would give me much joy to be able to help in some way anyone who approaches these pages as a seeker of hope.”

Let us all approach this new text with that spirit of being “seekers of hope.” This publication comes to us as a true gift to our lives from the Sacred Heart. We invite you now to download the link.



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