We continue walking the path to the Bicentennial of the foundation of the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, which will be exactly on September 30, 2021.

We want to live this itinerary as a journey of reunion with God, it is not just about celebrating, but about rediscovering who we are and what we are thanks to Him.

The first stage of this trip was a “look at the past with gratitude” and we received the texts on Father Andrés Coindre and on the Venerable Brother Policarpo, written by Brothers René Sanctorum (France) and Jesús Ortigosa (Spain), respectively.

Right now we are going through the second stage: “living the present with passion”. A few months ago we were able to enrich ourselves with a text by Brother Bernard Couvillion (United States) on our spirituality, and now we receive the fourth booklet, the author of which is Brother Stéphane Léon Sané (Senegal) and which is focused on the pedagogy of trust .

It is a text that combines a deep look and a practical sense very well with a simple and didactic style. We trust that it will be a beacon that illuminates our pedagogical practices and guides us to meet Jesus, present in our children and youth.

File name : the-pedagogy-of-trust.pdf

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