The preparation of our Foundation Bicentennial presents us with new challenges due to the current situation of Covid-19, but through and in the midst of them the Spirit will open us to new forms of encounter, since He is always new and creative.

To help us live this event, Brother Mark Hilton, Superior General, has prepared a Bicentennial prayer. We invite you to pray and multiply it among all the members of our great family of the Sacred Heart.

May this Bicentennial prayer unite us and allow us, in turn, to thank the Sacred Heart for their gestures of love towards us.





Come Holy Spirit,

fill us with the fire of your love.

Fill our hearts with kindness, humility, and compassion.

Give us clear-sightedness[1] to see the challenges of our time.

Like Father Coindre,

may we respond to the world’s urgent needs

with courage and trust.

Brother Polycarp, Brother Xavier,

and our other predecessors,

made Christ[2], in his mystery of love, the center of their lives.

Gift us with hope, with trust, and with a spirit of solidarity.

Make us vibrant witnesses of the love

that God offers to each of his children.

Come Holy Spirit,

fill us with the fire of your love.

You led our predecessors

to the four corners of the earth.

Grant us the courage to answer your call today,

to spread God’s love[3], here and elsewhere.

At each step of the journey

throughout these two hundred years,

you have nurtured a partnership

of men and women, religious and lay,

to form the young people entrusted to our care.

Broaden our vision of education

fire our creativity,

and deepen our commitment

to the holistic formation of the young.[4]

Come Holy Spirit,

fill us with the fire of your love.

You founded this mission

on Father Coindre’s profound experience

of your kindness and love[5]

for deprived and neglected children[6].

Inspire in the hearts of young men,

the desire to be Brothers of the Sacred Heart,

sharing with our partners

in the same charism and mission.

At this moment in time, as we face our future,

teach us, as you did for each generation before us,

to place our trust in you,

as we live out our motto and shared hope[7]:

Loved be the Heart of Jesus!

Come Holy Spirit,

fill us with the fire of your love.



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[2] RoL 112

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[7] RoL 12

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