On October 16, there was an earthquake in the Philippines of 6.3 intensity. The epicenter was about 55 kilometers from Cor Jesu College located in the city of Digos
Thank God there were no human losses. Only three people were injured superficially. The day after the earthquake, all the brothers from the Davao region, we headed towards Digos. Upon arriving at the school, the view of the main building overwhelmed us tremendously. It seemed like a complete loss.
The Administrative Committee met to discern priorities, take the first steps and plan for the near future.
It is expected that after an earthquake there will be remnants, but they were very many and very strong.
On Sunday October 20 there were 4 or 5 remnants of strong intensity, between 5.0 and 5.9. When the Administrative Committee met again on Tuesday, October 22, more damage was already found. The third and last floors of the oldest building leaned dangerously. A week later, on Tuesday, October 29, we suffered another earthquake of intensity 6.6.

Every day, the brothers of the local community of Digos experience dozens of remnants of different intensities, some very strong. On October 31, another earthquake of intensity 6.5 occurred. I arrived in the community minutes after it happened.
The Administrative Committee met again on November 4 to discuss the steps to follow. The situation has changed a lot since our last meeting.
We are very determined to move forward. We want to build 50 temporary classrooms, so that our students do not miss the school year. We are now in a period of recess between the two semesters.

Brothers, I thank you very much for having us in your prayers. We really count on your prayers to be able to continue strongly in our mission.

Brother Luc Boudreault, sc
Delegate Superior

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