Haro school was originally built as a single wing of classrooms. The boom in immigration and in the birth rate have strongly increased enrollment demands. In the face of the lack of space in the schools in the town of Haro, the education council of La Rioja has offered us the possibility of adding a wing to accommodate some classes.

The administrative team of the school, with institutional support, decided to accept the offer because it realized that a second wing would accommodate a sustainable High School department with a curriculum and elective courses which would otherwise not be possible.

In this way the school can increase the number of students and of class levels. The school had been facing the problem of the lack of space, but its search for solutions was unsatisfactory, a fact that motivated the Provincial Council to approve the creation of the new wing.










The work started on May. What seemed to be impossible was becoming reality and all of us that are part of the Haro community we felt that our work had a reward and it allowed us to see the future with hope.

During May and June, we’ve had to reconcile the school reality with the work: noise, trucks, fences…All is good once the work is finished.

A new modern design building and totally operative. Inside we find eleven comfortable and illuminated classrooms and one room for teachers. It has all the amenities to accomplish the educative work that we had as a mission. Once the work is finished, its up to us the people that we are part of the Haro teacher team to educate the people that carry with them the charism of Father André Coindre around the world. We already have the material resources.

Thanks to the Brothers of Sacred Heart.

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