Last summer (2017), I was known by the name of Nebraska Jones, cousin of the famous Indiana Jones, and also know as ‘’ Blain the fortune teller’’, teacher of magic at Hogwarts School. Do you know the temporary pavilion of magic sited at Beausejour Camp?

This summer, I carried the name of the renowned Dutch Gustaaf Heineken who wanted to built a commercial route to Sunday Lake! After this small presentation, I guess that you have find out that I’m an entertainer at Beausejour Camp! So, I introduce myself, I’m Charles-Antoine Dupuis new student from Laval University and new resident at Bon-Accueil house!
I’ve started a baccalaureate in Psychology and after I’ll do the PhD to become Psychologist. Some of my passions are entertain the young, trekking and arts, as much music as theater and cinema!

The motivation to come to the Bon-Accueil House was to keep in touch with the Brothers of Sacred-Heart and with the community spirit radiated by the students of last year. The aspect of faith is something that I like very much and the group’s life with the students of Bon-Accueil is just happiness. The exchanges are of a deep that spread in different areas thanks to the plurality and the values that the people of the house carry with them, as well as their humor and their big hearts!

Charles-Antoine Dupuis
Student Bon-Accueil House

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