As members of a charism dedicated to the education of the children and young people, we believe that they are the natural target of our concerns. However, we share today these beautiful “beatitudes” written by Brother Robert Langlois (who died last October in Canada at the age of 92).

On the one hand, these beatitudes are a testimony of the profound spirituality that animated Br. Robert. They are the fruit of his own experience led to prayer , and an inspiration that allowed him to feel the love of God during his hard times.

On the other hand this text may help us or other people (maybe our students’ grandparents, who played a fundamental role in the family) to look at old age as God sees it: a way to better prepare ourselves in our path towards him, a path full of meaning and happiness in the Lord.

Beatitudes of the Elderly

Brother Robert Langlois (Brothers of the Sacred Heart)

  1.    Dear elderly people, you are blessed whenever the strength diminishes, because you can rely more on me.
  2.    Blessed are those whose memory is week, because they will forget the discomforts of life.
  3. Blessed are those with slow and painful steps, because I can support your insecure steps.
  4.    Blessed are those whose ears are a little deaf, because negative words won’t reach their souls.
  5.    Blessed are those with declining vision, because they will see in a surprising way whith the heart’s eyes.
  6.    Blessed are those with crying hearts, because they will be able to commune with my sorrows.
  7.    Blessed are those who are always retired, because they will be able to experience the aridity of my life in the desert.
  8.    Blessed are all of you who believe that you are useless and poor, because you have never done so much for the Kingdom.
  9.    Blessed are the afflicted companions whose heart trembles, because my heart is wide open for your last offering.
  10.   Blessed are the dear disabled people in need of care, because they allow charity to flourish in our lives.
  11.   Rejoice when the pain appears, because you resemble the Son of Man.
  12.   Rejoice when the sleep departs from your nights, because you are like my Father who never sleeps.
  13.   Rejoice, brothers, you who are terrified of the approach of death, because I will be on your side in the eternal abode.
  14.   Sing with joy despite your tired bodies, because the soul has the gift of ignoring wrinkles and years.
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