9 January 1859: Brother Polycarp dies in the house of Paradis

Testimony of Brother André, headmaster of the boarding school of Paradis, witness of the death of Brother Polycarp: “There was nothing alarming in the state of our beloved brother. He suffered little, no fever, the doctor saw only an extreme weakness, caused by the privations and austerities of our good Superor Brother. On Tuesday there was permission to give him some food… On Wednesday and Thursday we believed that he was better. On Friday, the fever returned. On Saturday, persistent fever, hard breathing, sore throat… I had no hope, but in the house the people still had it. I begged Brother Adolphe to come and take care of him. The night was not in any way worse than the previous one. He drank water from time to time, he even said some words when asked, but with difficulty due to his sore throat. At four o’clock in the morning, the breathing was harder. The Assistants were called, the chaplain arrived at the same time and gave him extreme unction. The patient was awake. When the chaplain had finished, he left to celebrate mass with the children. It was five past five in the morning. I went accompanied the chaplain to the middle of the corridor. We went back right away, Brother Polycarp had just fallen asleep forever!”

9 January 1986: The Positio, a book that contains every document about brother Polycarp, is published.

One can get an idea of the enormous research work carried out in this Positio by stating that 93 archives and libraries in 69 cities have been consulted. This document was the basis to the declaration of the Brother as “venerable”.

11 January 1847: The first missionary brothers arrived in Mobile (USA)

Departing from france on October 27, 1846, the Brothers of the Sacred Heart arrived in Mobile on January 11. They took over the management of an orphanage there, with 35 orphans. At the same time, they were entrusted with the parish school of Saint Vincent for poor children. In 1848, they assumed the direction of the cathedral’s school.

12 January 1858: Father François Vincent Coindre, our Founder’s brother, second Superior General of the Institute, dies in Lyon.

In the letter that Brother Polycarp addressed to the Brothers, he said: “The death of our beloved Father on January 12, 1858, has been holy and his life edifying. Those Brothers who have had the joy to assist him in his last moments have admired his piety, his complete resignation, and the admirable docility with which the venerable patient obeyed those who assisted him.

16 January 1975: The “cause for beatification” of Brother Polycarp begins in Rome.

On January 16, 1975, Pope Paul VI gave his final approval to the cause of the Servant of God Br. Polycarp. This is a very important step forward in his declaration as “venerable”, which one day may lead to his beatification and canonization.

20 January 1823: Jean Hippolyte Gondre (Br. Polycarp) receives authorization to open a school in La Motte, his hometown.

This authorization reads as follows: “Having seen the third degree training diploma granted to Mr. Gondre, Jean Hippolyte, born in La Motte, department of Hautes-Alpes on August 24, 1802; and according to the opinion of the Free and Charitable Committee of the Canton of St. Bonnet, department of Hautes-Alpes; we have ordered the following: the aforementioned Mr. Gondre is authorized to practice the profession of primary school teacher -third degree- in the municipality of La Motte, department of Hautes-Alpes.”

s/d January 1817: Father André Coindre picks up to orphaned girls

According to tradition, in the portico of Saint-Nizier de Lyon Church, André Coindre found two abandoned sisters in the street, took them to the parish church of Saint Bruno and founded a Providence for them and for other girls who joined them a few days later. This is how the first work of our Founder was born to take special care of children and youth.

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