Run by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, the Beauséjour Camp is located in the small town of St-Martyrs-Canadiens. The local fauna and flora are amazing there. There is a majestic mountain behind, the Sunday lake in front -a headwater lake. In the camp there is a small path that leads to one of the caverns located there. They have a very rich history! The places not only offer natural charms, but also numerous outdoor activities in summer such as boating, swimming in the sea, fishing, hebertism, shooting, and archery. However, the camp is much more than a simple outdoor hub!

It is a place of commitment, brotherhood, and simplicity that brings people together from across the country, with their family or friends, to spend quality moments there.

At my last dinner, after a summer as an instructor at the Beauséjour Camp, a brother asked me to summarize my summer in two or three words. This is my answer:

  1. Joy:

This is the first word that came to my mind. So simple like that! An emotion to live and share, both among the group of instructors and between the classmates, in family during one of the four weeks of the camp.

  1. Initiative:

This camp is a favorable place for personal development. Everyone has the freedom and support to share her or his ideas and talents. As instructors, we may improve the places and our activities at our will, a process that makes us develop skills and knowledge with mechanical tools, rope, adhesive tape, through our creativity. As campers, many people spontaneously lead songs; other former campers, now parents, bring out old objects that still amaze the little ones. The children of the family camps leave by boat alone for the first time, others start the adventure with new friends away from their parents. In addition, the leaders of the parish groups and other movements offer themselves to organize memorable activities for their groups. Everyone feels challenged to improve the camp in her or his own way. This will is also felt during the colloquium and the tasks that are organized during the year and that serve to plan the future of the camp and to improve the places.

Summing up, all these initiatives allow everyone to transform Beauséjour Camp into one’s own camp. The chorus of the camp’s own song summarizes it well: “At the crossing of Sunday Lake, we invite you to a friend’s house. People from here and everywhere are here to celebrate life in our house.” Here, we celebrate, experience and change our life.

Audrey Berteau lifeguard and instructor

Collaboration of Charles-Antoine Dupuis, instructor.



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