Today is the first Friday of the month. a day dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is also the beginning of May, Virgin Mary’s month. The love of Jesus and his Mother are always linked together. Father André Coindre named the Institute “Brothers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary”, which was shortened later.

Nowadays, our Rule of Life says in relation to this what follows:

  1. Mary, our Mother

In Christian devotion the love of Jesus

is always united with the love of his mother.

Our prayer to Mary, especially the rosary,

offered with trust

in her powerful intercession,

is for our spiritual life and for our apostolate

a source of grace and a sign of hope.

  1. The Immaculate Heart of Mary

From its origins,

our Institute has always linked

devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

with devotion

to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

We welcome Mary our mother

as a gift from Jesus on the cross:

Son, behold your mother.

We ask her, who “stored all these things

in her heart,” (Lk 2:51)

to help us enter ever more deeply

into the mystery of Christ’s love.

Let us give thanks to Jesus today for having given us his Mother, and let us ask Virgin Mary to lead us every day to her Son.

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