2 February 1840

Brother Polycarp founded a Confraternity dedicated to the Heart of Mary in the chapel of Paradis (which became the main house of the Institute), close to Le Puy, in France. Being a brother devoted to the Virgin Mary, he had founded a similar brotherhood in the commune of Vals, where he had been school principal.

The foundation of this Brotherhood has been associated with the Archfraternity of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, established in Notre-Dame des Victoires, Paris.

The inscription took place on March 25th, 1840. Being Second General Assistant of the Institute, Brother Polycarp was at the top of the list.

3 February 1837

On this day died Saint Claudine Thévenet, Andre Coindre’s great companion, with whom she formed the Secular Association of Ladies “Pious Union”. In 1818 from this Association the Religious Congregation of the Ladies of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary has been formed.

On February 29th, 1837, the community gathered around the Mother, who was going to receive her Last Sacraments. Father Pousser gave her a harsh farewell:

You have received from God graces in order to build a kingdom. What have you done therewith? You are an obstacle for the progress of the Congregation. What will you respond to God, before Whom you will have to give account?

A general silence ensued. The Mother was silent as well, with a sob in her heart, keeping an expression of gentle sweetness on her face. That night she manifested hemiplegia and fell into a state of stupor with some intervals of lucidity. On February the 1st she was heard exclaiming “How good is God!”. Those were her last words. She died on February 3 at 3 pm.

7 February 1927

The Holy See approved the Constitutions of the Institute. The Brothers of the Sacred Heart turned into an International Congregation of Pontifical Right.

After a second examination of our Constitutions, the Sacred Congregation of Religious gave its final approval. This was the fourth last step.

The Superior General, Brother Urciza, dedicated a whole circular letter informing about the good news. He asked for a celebration on the first Friday of May as a Thanksgiving Day, and Pope’s Day on the first Friday of June. On both dates the Brothers worship also our Constitutions as a fact of “deep gratitude, sincere veneration, filial esteem, and indissoluble adhesion”.

17 February 1984

Brother Polycarp was declared Venerable, one step before beatification and canonization.

Pope John Paul II declared: “Brother Polycarp was genuinely and constantly heroic in his practice of all the virtues: Faith, Hope, and Charity towards both God and neighbour, as well as the cardinal virtues of Prudence, Justice, Temperance and Fortitude, with their annexed virtues in the case and to which effect this relates”.

This means that Brother Polycarp lived as a saint and did everything in his power for an exemplary Christian life. Thus, he is a model for all the Brothers of the Sacred Heart and all the lay and secular people that share our charism.

Brother José Luis Gómez was the postulator of the Cause before the Holy See.

19 February 1956

The first Brothers of the Sacred Heart arrived in Colombia.

In 1954, the General Council encouraged the Province of Spain to establish another Province in America. This was at the same time as the petition of the papal Nuncio in Colombia, who wrote to the Provincial Brother a letter asking for Brothers to come. The Provincial Brother, Esteban Mugica, went to Colombia and came back full of new offers and possibilities. On February 28, 1956 the Provincial Council decided to establish a new work in the city of Barranquilla.

Brother Aurelio (Tomás Larrea) went from Buenos Aires to Barranquilla, looking for a suitable place for a school and for the Brothers’ residence. In mid-February, Brother Julián (Ángel Moraza) and Brother Juan Antonio (Germán Sáenz de Záitegui) took a flight which stopped in Lisbon, the Azores and Porto Rico, and finally arrived in Colombia, where they joined Brother Aurelio. Thus, the first Colombian community of Brothers was established.

21 February 1930

The Brothers of the Sacred Heart arrived in Argentina.

They had established in Uruguay at the end of 1927, and founded in the city of Trinidad the first Latin American work of the Institute. Soon the desire arose to cross the Río de la Plata and found a work in Argentina.

At the beginning of 1930, the first work in Argentina was founded in response to the request of the parish priest of Bell Ville (Province of Cordoba). The presence of the Brothers there didn’t last many years, but it was the touchstone of many other foundations that still last until today.

26 February 1787

Andre Coindre was born in Lyon. He was the first of seven brothers, of whom only three survived. After their marriage, his parents settled in Lyon, in the neighborhood of the nobility. However, they had arrived at the beginning of a social, political and economic crisis. For that reason, the first years in the city weren’t probably easy for Vicent Gondre and his family.

Andre and his two sisters (Marie Marthe and Jeanne Marie) were born in a house in Saint-Dominique Street (which in 1794 became Chalier Street and nowadays is known as Émile Zola). The street ends up in Bellecour Square

28 February 1787

Andre Coindre was baptized in the Church of Saint-Nizier, in Lyon. According to the Church’s archives:

“On February the 28th, 1787, I have baptized Andre, born on the day before yesterday, son of Vincent Coindre, taylor, and his wife Marie Mifflet. The godfather was Andre Moine, a gardener from La Guillotiere, and the godmother Françoise Mifflet, wife of Louis Deduit, warehouse clerk. As a witness of the baptism, the father has signed; not so the others, who are illiterate”.

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