For a number of years now, the International Session in Rome (SIR) has been focused on the formation of brothers in preparation for final profession. It is a chance, within a full year of formative experiences provided by their provinces, to grasp a wider sense of our religious life and especially the wider boundaries of our worldwide Institute.

The Program Director is Br. Romeo Bonsaint and he is ably assisted by Brs. Nelson Dionne and Jean Emile Rakotoarivony (Madagascar). Their role in the everyday planning and the experience of these months in Rome is invaluable.

Testimonies of the 2018 Session participants:

Brother Henry Rolland Patrick Ramarokoto, 28 years old, Madagascar

We are close to the end of our pilgrimage here in Rome. I would like to tell you that we have  lived a very beautiful experience during these two and a half months. Our training for perpetual vow comes to an end on April 17.

This is a list of the presentations in the session:

– Introduction to communication (Br.  Serge toupin)

– My vocation/call/spiritual identity (Br.  John & Romeo Bonsaint)

– Personal development in religious life (Br. Ricardo Calori)

– Affectivity and loneliness (Brr. Junior Pierre & H. Joseph Kibambe)

– Andre Coindre and our predecessors (Br. René Sactorum)

– Andre Coindre and our predecessors (Br. Jesús Ortigosa)

– Rule of Life (Br. Bernard Couvillion)

– The vows (Br. Nelson Dionne)

– Fund Management (Br. Omar)

-Affectivity and Psychosexual Development (Br. Daniel St. Jacques)

– Coindre Leadership Program (Br. Raymond Hetu- Sr. McCann)

– Prophetic Fidelity (Br. José Ignacio Carmona)

– Pedagogy of Trust (Br. Louis Bellemare)

In addition to the session, we have lived: a life of personal and community prayer, the Eucharistic liturgy, interpersonal relationships between the members of the general house and between different linguistic communities… We have seen very enriching presentations coming from the different provinces of the Institute, a presentation about “Ancient and Christian Rome”, which I had never seen, tours across Rome (Catacombs, etc)…

Brother Jean Baptiste Rabenaivo, 30 years old (Madagascar)

It is a great joy for me to share with you my point of view concerning the session we have experienced here in Rome. First of all, I can sincerely say that the program was very well structured and accurate.

Second of all, the session has helped me to understand better and to know the importance of communication and listening in religious life, in the community, in the apostolate.

The training on “Spiritual Maturity” strengthened my relationship with God and with my neighbour. “Personal Development” gave me the chance to revisit my whole life and the source of my vocation and above all it allowed me to balance my religious life. As a matter of fact, the session touched my inner life and it has helped me to grow my spiritual and human life little by little. In conclusion, the session has helped me to have an open and blossoming spirit.

Brother Roger Nouwe Simtouin, 33 years old (Mali)

I can tell you without a doubt that the session in Rome is a unique moment because it is an occasion to rediscover the religious vocation that has led us to consecration. As for me, the session was not only a meeting with brothers from other provinces, but also it was a time to review my motivations. Every presentation was productive and useful. Now, I think that I am an ambassador of Andre Coindre… I have learned really positive things about the Founder!

Brother Eric Tienou, 33 years old (Mali)

The program is very well structured. It puts the accent on human and spiritual formation. This allows me to read the events of my personal life as a word that God has addressed to me throughout my life. For me, it is an occasion to make an examination of my vocation, my fidelity towards religious life. I am seeing how God has shown me His love throughout my life, what He has asked me… Through this formation I have also discovered that our life is a pilgrimage to the Christ, and that it is above all dynamic. But the essential is the love of God and our neighbour.

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